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Match Analysis Bohemians 1905 – Fortuna Liga

Bohemians build the game starts long, both the goalkeepers (Le Giang – Holec) and his defenders.
They are very direct and seek to get to the box as quickly as possible, with long starts jumping lines, winning aerial duels and reaching the finishing zone with few passes.
In the finishing zone, they accumulate 3 players and some MC can appear in the center.
They seek to finish on the wing due to their progression on the field with lateral crosses or backwards passes.
With spaces in the center, they seek to shoot.
When they recover the ball, they look for the long pass to their wingers and/or forwards to get to the rival goal as quickly as possible. They are very direct.
When they lose the ball in the finishing zone they seek to generate pressure after loss. They usually make a tactical foul.
They do not have surveillance and leave many spaces in zone 1 and 2.
They don’t have a good withdrawal, they leave a lot of spaces and with a long pass you can take advantage of those spaces.
In low block they position themselves with a P-4-4-1-1
They tilt towards the strong side of the attack, leaving the other area completely free.
On some occasions the lateral went out to band and the central one did not accompany leaving many spaces.
In the left zone, he suffers a lot with long passes to the back of his players.

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